Архив за спам

Спам на седмицата или H1N1 спам :)

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Върха на спама получих преди броени минути. След като медиите го поизоставиха „свинския“ грип, ред беше на следващата по-долна прослойка от журналистите да поеме вълната т.е. ред на на свинско грипния спам, а именно :

You have received this e-mail because of the launching of State Vaccination H1N1 Program.

You need to create your personal H1N1 (swine flu) Vaccination Profile on the cdc.gov website. The Vaccination is not obligatory, but every person that has reached the age of 18 has to have his personal Vaccination Profile on the cdc.gov site. This profile has to be created both for the vaccinated people and the not-vaccinated ones. This profile is used for the registering system of vaccinated and not-vaccinated people.
Create your Personal H1N1 Vaccination Profile using the link:




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